The small perks of life, or are they?

Ah, the Joys of an awkward ‘chatting up’ sesh…brought about by two seemingly confident men. What is a young woman supposed to do? I’m sitting here, in my shorts and shirt (not calling too much attention obviously) reading ‘A Thousand Splendid Suns’ on a normal sunny day. Then of course, the awkward ‘what are you reading?’ as a group of tight-shirted men walk cockily towards you. You get the occasional wink, the occasional fluttered ‘hi’ from the shy one at the back of the pack. You are now left in a sticky situation as the surround you and start talking complete crap. You are clearly not too interested in their stilted small talk, however the sudden nervous laughter seems to spur them on, encouraging them to sit the hell down and harass you with ‘how/where/why/what’ questions about your life. Now, don’t get me wrong…I love a good chat, and if a good-looking guy is in the lead than bring it on. Usually however, it’s the uncomfortable situation when a group of men don’t realise just how ‘not up for banter’ you are. And you think you made it clear by plugging in headphones and reading? well, sadly, no. This happened today of course, and of course I was left trapped. It crosses my mind to get up and leave…but the strange idea that they might just follow me screaming ‘hey! what did we do to offend you? bitch! Whore! I wish you were never born etc’ that would cause a scene.

So what to do? Suggestions?


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