It appears that the indian summer is now, most definitely over. As the temperature drops another 5 degrees it appears to be the perfect chance to take some more eerie photography. I had some pictures of the Stonehenge and it inspired me to start looking at mist as a subject matter! It’s so difficult to capture though. Flash seems to ruin everything, so trying to get the full effect of the mist without it was most definitely a challenge. They still look cool though.


4 thoughts on “Mist

  1. A lovely set of pictures. The soft mood, the graphical fuzziness and the mystic tone all fits very nicely together and creates some strange and wonderful pictures. I, too, like the second one best, if nothing else for the car lurking around the corner.

  2. Thankyou, I always strive and hope to take strange yet wonderfull pictures…I hadn’t noticed the lurking car…but i do believe it adds an element of mmystery to it all 🙂

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