Up a Creek without a Paddle

The truth is. that if you want to see something you have to get out and just do it. We always drive past that hill on the side of the road with the two pine trees stuck on the top…we always wonder why the hell they are there. We decided that we would just go and climb the hill last sunday, spur of the moment thing. We got all the way to the top and it was the most exiting view of Dorset we had seen. We had basically conquered the highest point. So, feeling high with excitement we picnicked and drank out of a thermos of tea and revelled in the blissful ignorance that 2 miles away at the bottom of said hill, the exhaust pipe had manadged to squiggle its way off our car, ready to be a nuisance. So, a relaxing day out turned into yet another day…waiting for the AA. At least I got some nice pictures!


One thought on “Up a Creek without a Paddle

  1. Love these photographs! Glad to see that you are following your passions. Miss you! ~ Aunt Kathy from Washington state.

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