Beaches at night: My first music video!

Well, this is what happens when you have just tuned your guitar and cut your nails and acquired a nice 4G SD card for my camera. The result? my first attempt at a music video. Of course there’s nothing really creative about it, no really artistic zest or anything…but it is one of my own songs. yes, i wrote it. So, erm, copyright of me. Haha well, the quality isn’t fabulous and its not the best filming but its a start. Oh, and apologies for the sudden start and finish, it takes for ever to edit and i was just too exited. Anyway, here it is ‘Beaches at night’ by me. I was definitely inspired by walking down the beaches where i live, and the one time went out at night to a beach in Charmouth and ended up just sort of sitting there…looking around me and inwardly forming my own song. I suppose i have Charmouth to thank for that. Oh and Joey of course ;).


4 thoughts on “Beaches at night: My first music video!

  1. You’re simply adorable, have a beautiful voice and that was a very pretty song (although I couldnt really hear the words but that could just be my speakers here @ work). Well done.

  2. Thankyou so much for taking the time to watch it, you have just made my day 😀 Its very possible that i just didnt clarify enough 🙂 i do that sometimes. thankyou anyway! :

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