Portsmouth, Maine

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That Boston Sunshine…

Seems like almost a lifetime ago, sitting in this cold little shop in cozy Dorset, that I was walking the hot streets of Boston. I remembered I had all of these pictures stashed away in my computer that I wanted to edit and publish, but never got around to it. Boston is a fabulous city, a bustling university district with fantastic italian restaurants and bars hidden by the water. I of course relished in the historic nature of the city, and snapped up a couple generic and standard shots of the landmarks of the city. However I find when going through the pictures on my computer that a few call out to me in an artistic way…The one I like the most would have to be the close up of the war memorial installation, a riveting piece of artwork hidden away in a back alley that commemorates the soldiers in Afghanistan. I loved the idea of incorporating the glistening metallic necklaces (for lack of a better word) into a sparkling curtain. If only some of that heat could make its way over to the flooded uk….