Sunshine and Ice Cream

The sun was out. I saw it. I can swear on my life that for a period of two days, the beautiful sun decided to grace us all. It has been so long since I have been able to sit on the beach and enjoy the heat. I even dared go into the sea! It’s a time for fish and chips, over priced ice creams and seagulls. Also for studying, but that’s not always a priority. As I sit here now it is once again, tipping it down. ahhh….I can’t wait until summer.

Eucalyptus Tattoos

Most of you may already be acquainted with the marvel that is henna. I stumbled across the stuff a couple of years ago, oddly enough from an indian friend’s stall at my schools may fayre. Well, perhaps not a tale of exotic travels and eye-opening experiences but nevertheless the truth. I then found a whole bunch of henna on sale in a bazaar and I had to go with it. It has this beautiful methylated smell, and the consistency of brown toothpaste. As I studied ethnic designs, I was able to create some really interesting patterns on friends and family as you can see here. I even loved it so much, I died my hair with it. No lie. It is just fantastic.